to the Canadian Soccer Academy Association: Canada's original soccer academy.

The CSAA was officially registered in Victoria January 23, 1984. Its base and planning, however, began in 1979 when a group of former professional soccer players and internationally-qualified coaches saw the need for better programs for Canada's youth.
    Coaches Mike Bernardis and Steve Djoric, with the help of members Kazimir Dorotich, Colin Black, Peter Andrade, Mario Pecile and Harry Hillmann, set out to produce a thorough and radical step-by-step program which the academy still implements to this day.

From the onset, the non-profit organization's main objective has been youth development. It offers the possibility of reaching high performance standards and personal goals faster through truly scientific teachings. Here students are taught body skills and their bad habits are corrected. They learn that all sizes matter and that fitness alone does not a soccer player make. They understand that coordination is the key to reaching the peak as a player and are coached on becoming a "four-footed" player.
The academy is a permanent, year-round school. It participates in regional, provincial, national and international tournaments and exhibition games in order to assess the progress of each member. As well, occasional tours to Italy are organized in order to introduce students to a diverse soccer knowledge. Each pupil's self-analysis alone is worth the trip.

For the more serious student, the CSAA has created the Primavera Program. It is strictly for those who have the potential to pursue a professional soccer career. This, however, does not mean that we take on only "completed" players. The program provides participants more in-depth, scientific instructions with emphasis on technical and tactical studies. The student is constantly scrutinized and must undergo tests for attitude, responsibility, physical skills, body fitness, and team work. At the Technical Director's discretion, Italy's Primavera clubs are then contacted for try-outs. It is the general opinion among soccer people that once you join one of Italy's Primavera teams you have made it!

Yes, here – and only here – will students truly improve their soccer skills. Two generations of players have already done so. And they, in turn, are now teaching others how to play soccer our way. We hope this ideal will continue for years to come.

CSAA Objectives

(1) Youth development.

(2) To encourage and nurture good citizenship and sportsmanship, exemplary moral, ethical and professional conduct of its staff and provide a safe, enjoyable and productive environment for the benefit of its students in particular and Canadian Juvenile Soccer in general.

(3) To develop technical skills along with physical development rather than winning games; the more these skills are developed, the more likely the teams will win.

(4) To evaluate the progress of each student. Assess the same under game conditions and create a "complete player" mentality.

(5) To foster understanding and tolerance of the various ethnic groups involved in soccer.

(6) To establish year-round regional soccer schools with certified programs – such as its first permanent SteveMike Soccer School – in convenient centres with indoor/outdoor facilities for lectures and practical instructions of the game of soccer and open to 8-14 year old juvenile players.

(7) To select, recruit and/or train qualified staff and instructors who are oriented in a systematic approach to teaching soccer techniques, tactics and the practical game with special emphasis on the step-by-step development of players' fundamental skills.

(8) To uphold and promote the F.I.F.A. Laws of the Game and Guide for Referees.

(9) To motivate any public or private organization interested in the well-being of their communities to promote juvenile soccer and to assist them in organizing area demonstrations, lectures and soccer clinics.

(10) To generate support for the Society, accept donations, set fees or do such things as may be necessary to raise funds to carry out these purposes.

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