The CSAA's year-round curriculum is open to boys and girls of all ages. The age groups at our sessions are intentionally mixed for the benefit of all. Each program covers basic and mental skills, technique, tactic, game laws, and game conditions. If you truly want to improve your skills and become the best soccer player you can be, then this is the school for you.

Development Programs: choose from
• Step-By-Step Training
• Individual Specific Training
• Team Training
• Team Pre-Season Training
• Goalkeeper Training

Practicum Programs: the above training camps may include some or all of these
• Indoor 5-A-Side Tournaments
• Outdoor 11-A-Side Tournaments & Games
• Regional, Provincial, National, International Tournaments
• Exhibition Games

Italy Tour Program: scheduled once a competitive team is established
• To introduce our students to a diversified soccer knowledge. Touring here is not an option but the only course.

Primavera Program (a.k.a. Elite Program): for the serious student
• More in-depth, scientific instructions.
• Technical and tactical studies.
• Student will be scrutinized and undergo tests for attitude, responsibility, physical skills, body fitness and team work.
• Students can and may be cut from this program.
• Contact for a try-out opportunity with an Italian Primavera team will be made for the student at the Technical Director's discretion.

Summer Camp Program: week-long camps open to members and non-members
• Beginners (Ages 5 to 7)
• Pulcini (Ages 8 to 10)
• Cadets (Ages 11 to 13)
To register or for more information, call 604.294.5003 or email

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