Please contact us for current rates. The full year program consists of a 1-1/2 hour session per week on the day that best suits your schedule.

NB Students will receive credit for missed session but they must be committed to make it up.


(1) Try us for a month or two and if you feel that you are not learning enough you may withdraw without any obligations.

(2) If you miss a paid session, you will receive a credit for that session.

(3) Expert eyes will constantly scrutinize your skills and progress.

(4) Free practice T-shirts.

(5) Free game uniforms for CSAA-sanctioned games and tournaments. You keep the shorts and socks.

(6) Free track-suit and travel bag for CSAA-sanctioned international tournaments.

(7) Eligibility for CSAA Scholarship.

(8) Assistance in try-outs with European professional clubs.

To register or for more information, call 604.294.5003 or email csaa@shaw.ca

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