Technical Director

Mike Bernardis, the school's Technical Director, is one of the few coaches in the country with an international qualification certificate. In Canada since 1976, Mike has spent an average of five hours per day teaching and studying the game.
In 1983, he co-founded the Canadian Soccer Academy Association and has since been devoting his time to his sole objective: youth development.

His dedication to the sport has enabled him to discover the missing quintessence of soccer. Mike teaches students how to become "four-footed" players not only through words but through demonstrations. He is a strong believer of the following rule: tell your student how it should be done, demonstrate your point, let everyone attempt it and then correct him or her until it's done right... and that is how he conducts all his sessions.

Mike's students will learn the new approach of how to run into free space; how to control the ball in the easiest way; how to pass or shoot more effectively and decisively for the flow of the game; how to avoid interceptions; how to make passing easier and so much more.

"Mike Bernardis is an excellent soccer instructor. His skilled instruction, knowledge of the game, and positive caring attitude provided David with a superior soccer experience."
Mr. Rudko, Parent
Player Profile

1952-53 Sampdoria UC (Genova, Italy)
1953-55 Genova AC: Selected for U17-U18

1956-57 Ideale Bari AC (Italy)
1958-59 Melfi US, Division C: On loan
1959-61 Modugno US
1964-69 FC Fortuna (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
1970-73 FC Kreuzlingen
1973-74 FC Kreuzlingen, Player-Coach: Promoted
1975-76 FC Muenchwilen, Player-Coach: Promoted

Coach & Manager Profile

1977-78 Vancouver International U21 (Grad Division): League & Cup Winner
MVPs: Elio Ciaccia, Jim Crescenzo, Bernie Diblik (GK), Jamie Fales, John Kwieton, Garry Lindsay, Dale Mitchell, Maurizio Montanari, Angelo Pulice, Gordon Quilty, Angelo Rizzuto, Alan Sondraal, Pierre Welbedagt (played two seasons in Holland).

1978-79 South Slope U16: League Champion
MVPs: Tony Marshall and Dave Norris (both went on to play for New York Cosmos).

1978 BC U16 Selects: Champion
MVPs: Tony Marshall, Colin Miller, Dave Norris, Bob Rosenlund.

1979 FC Alemania U18: Champion

1979 BC U18 Selects: Champion
MVPs: Tony Marshall, Colin Miller, Dave Norris, Bob Rosenlund.

1979-80 FC Alemania Men (2nd Division): Promoted to 1st
MVPs: Bernie Diblik, Keith Davidson, Jamie Fales.

1981 Created SM Permanent Soccer School with Steve Djoric.

1981 Organized the Interregional Soccer Tournament for the Italian Canadian Sports Federation

1981-82 Columbus
MVPs: Peter Greco (GK) and Sergio Zanatta, both played for Canadian Olympic and National teams; Vanni Lenarduzzi, Darryl Samson, John Sneddon, Gene Vazzoler, Doug Wilson.

1982 Puglia SC (Interregional): Coppa Italia Winner
MVPs: Pierre Castellini, Peter Greco, Sam Iacobellis (Whitecaps Reserves).

1983 SM Permanent Soccer School was incorporated in Victoria under the name: Canadian Soccer Academy Association.

1984 CSAA on the road... first Edmonton tournament.

1985 Vancouver Columbus Italia (PRSL): League & Cup Winner

1986 Vancouver Columbus Italia: League Champion
MVPs: C. Alberti, D. Alberti (GK), C. Bartolomeo, I. Belfiore, E. Ciaccia, F. Ciaccia, G. Clark, L. Crema, J. Cuzzetto, B. Deardon, M. Del Bianco, T. Deluca, R. Gerrard, G. Guzzo, S. Iacobellis, F. Iuele, D. Lenarduzzi, D. McGill, S. Nesin, D. Ponton.

1986 Columbus travels to Italy for the first time. Plays against 3rd Division's Cesenatico and 4th Division's Russi, Imolese and Monte Cassino. Also tested itself against 2nd Division team Haarlem of Holland. Additions to the team: D. Azzi, J. Deacon, A. Napoletano, O. Pighin, A. Tolusso.

1986 October, Columbus travels to Toronto to play Toronto Blizzard for the National Semi-pro Title.

1986 Priority One: the CSAA. Building and preparation phase of programs and CSAA's first team, CSAA Inter U21; average age 15-1/2.

1987-88 First year of participation for CSAA Inter U21 in the PCSL Grad Division.

1988 CSAA travels to Italy and plays against Brescia and Cremonese Primavera.

1989 CSAA's ICSF Juvenile Division 4 Gold: Champion

1989-90 CSAA Milan U21 and CSAA Inter U21 (PCSL Grad Division): Second & Third

1990 CSAA Inter's first year of participation in the PCSL Premier Division (Men's); average age 18-3/4.

1990-91 CSAA Milan U21 & CSAA Inter U21 (PCSL Grad Division): First & Second

1991 CSAA Milan: Challenge Cup Winner

1991 CSAA Inter (PCSL Premier Division): Third

1992-93 CSAA, with the support of Robert Aquilini, Ezio Bortolussi, Rozika Curman, Phil Mattia and Joe Tinucci, applies for entry in the CSL. Application is denied after many valiant tries – the strongest opposition coming from the Vancouver 86ers. The latter would shortly jump the CSL ship and join the APSL.

1994 CSAA focuses on rebuilding and intensifies the programs. More indoor and outdoor tournaments are established.

1995-96 Head Coach of Douglas College Men's Team: Silver

1996-98 Head Coach of Douglas College Men's & Women's Teams: Bronze, Women 1997
Trip to Italy for the Women's team in 1997.

2000 CSAA Vancouver International Selects tour Italy. Plays against semi-pro Cervia, Milano Marittima, Cervia-Rimini Selects and team created especially for us in order to evaluate ourselves. The team was made up of players from Bologna, Ravenna, Cesena and Cervia. Student Tyler Jones, after receiving positive feedback from Massimo Bonini, heads back to Italy for a three-month training session.

2001 CSAA assists in the selection of Vancouver U14. Provides the team with a week-long camp of free training.

2003 CSAA back in Italy. This time to showcase two of its youngest and most talented players. Our Italian counterparts are duly impressed and both are asked to return.

2003 ICSF Columbus U13: Silver
Wesburn's Annual Labour Day Tournament
Coach: Joe Cuzzetto; Assistant Coach: Mike Bernardis; Manager: Tracie Galbraith.
Roster: Amit Bhullar, Blake Ceron, Alex Cotic-Ehn, Francesco Cuzzetto, Cameron Galbraith, Arjan Grewal, Josip Litre, Matthew Manfron, Troy Matheson, Peter Reimer, Francesco Renzullo, Jagpal Sandhu, Matthew Sarmento, Bruno Teixeira, Konstantin Vasic, Jonah Weyler.

2004 Vancouver Selects (U-14 Boys Metro): Silver
Pitt Meadows Labour Day Tournament
2004 CSAA 4-A-Side Youth Indoor Tournament: October 18 - March 14, 2005
Participating Teams: Roma, Juventus, Porto, Liverpool
Venue: Maquinna Gym, Vancouver
2004 CSAA 4-A-Side Open Indoor Tournament: October 20 - March 16, 2005
Participating Teams: Roma, Juventus, Columbus Meat Market, Van Inter
Venue: Maquinna Gym, Vancouver
2004 CSAA Exhibition Series: Fall and Winter
Participating Age Groups: Under 13-14, and Under 15-16
2005 To Present and Beyond:
Strictly schooling: one-on-one; group; team; and team pre-season.


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